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Billow Red

by Tony Webb


Bassist Tony Webb is back with the latest installment in the Prejippie Jazz genre (which is a wonderful eclectic mix of jazz, funk, rock, and r & b). Enjoy!


released August 1, 2016

Billow Red

1. Billow Red 2:10
2. Cool Stalking 3:15
3. Do You Hear Me Now?* 3:44
4. Honesty 3:56
5. I Just Want to Play For You* 4:29
6. Purple Funkyness 3:38
7. Rusty Cage 3:46
8. Yesterday, Fondly 2:58
9. Billow Red II 2:13

Written, produced, performed by Tony Webb
Additional vocals by Vox Lovejoy on
“Do You Hear Me Now?” and “I Just Want to Play For You.”
PMG Records
Recorded in The Sanctuary (Detroit, MI)
© 2016 Prejippie Music Group, Inc.



Tony Webb Detroit, Michigan

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